Brabantia Topspinner Rotary 4 Arm Clothes Line 50m

Brabantia Topspinner Rotary 4 Arm Clothes Line | 50m

  • 50 Metre Line Capacity
  • Smooth Rotating Arms
  • Adjustable ‘Umbrella’ System – 3 Different Line Positions To Maintain Tension
  • Sturdy Hanging Loop For Easy Storage When Not In Use

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Tired of carrying your heavy laundry basket around the clothesline?

Brabantia has the perfect solution: the Rotary Top Spinner with 50 meters of drying length. With an easy to operate umbrella system, and wash line that can be tensioned in 3 positions, this rotary dryer features arms that turn smoothly, even when loaded with laundry, allowing you to work at leisure.  Diagonal span width of 114 inches

Brabantia’s Topspinner Rotary Dryer offers fast and convenient air drying thanks to its smooth turning design and 164 feet of high quality line. The line’s ground spike makes setting the rotary drier up on your lawn just as effortless as it is to take back down while an array of design features ensures drying your laundry is as effortless as possible.

Designed to save the chore of carry a full washing basket around the line, the Topspinner Rotary Dryer turns independently of the pole so that the washing line comes to you. The low-friction design ensures that the washing line’s arms turn smoothly even when laden with heavy or wet washing. This also means that the Topspinner Rotary Dryer turns more easily in the wind, helping to dry your laundry even faster.

Effortless setup and takedown

The 164 feet Topspinner Rotary Dryer includes a 45 mm diameter ground spike that can be inserted into the lawn to provide a stable foundation for your washing line. The ground spike is also equipped with a closable cap which sits flush to the ground. This means that when you take the dryer out of the spike, rain water is kept out and you can mow the lawn without fear of damaging the ground spike or your mower.

Capacity for multiple machine loads

Thanks to its sizable 164 feet of drying line, the Topspinner Rotary Dryer has the capacity for drying two or more washing machine loads. It is also well equipped for large laundry items such as bed covers or large linens. Each washing line arm features a clothes hanger hook at the end which is designed for hanging any delicates.

Easy storage

The Topspinner Rotary Dryer’s Umbrella system allows multiple re-tension positions for the line. This feature is designed to ensure the lines will always remain taut and any slackness can be easily taken in by simply moving the arms up into the next position. When not in use and the arms are down, a tie cord on the rotary dryer’s frame helps to keep the lines securely fastened to help prevent the lines getting tangled in the wind.

  • Generous 164 ft drying line – enough room to accommodate bedding
  • Smooth turning rotation for ease of use and faster drying
  • Adjustable ‘Umbrella’ system enables three different line positions to maintain tension
  • Sturdy hanging loop for easy storage when not in use